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Parma, Idaho

Early Jerald spider cart (pony)
nice shape early model jerald spider design road cart this is pony size has been stored for several years is still good and solid but may need touch up on paint $850 comes with pony size shafts will not ship


Brass spotted pony collared single harness
Brass spotted collared single harness was used on my 36 inch mini this is a beautiful older harnass $500


wilform style pony size buggy
very good condition wilform style pony size buggy will seat 2 $600

old sears and roebuck high wheeled cart
restored just a few years back early Sears and Roebuck High Wheeled road cart, 44 inch wheels, floating floor. this is a hoot to drive $850

Meadowbrook cart
Meadowbrook cart in good shape $1250

Vintage spanish charro saddle
very old spanish charro parade saddle


Early Montana Square Skirt Saddle
Very early Montana square skirt saddle with oxbow stirrups refleased about 20 years ago and in good shape SOLD


nice older saddle $350


nice older set of Rawhide reins with buttons $400


good shape early work rawhide headstall $175


Rawhide carriage whip nice condition older item $150


Rawhide carriage whip nice older item $75


old leather bridle $150


old leather bridle $100


Pony Harness
very nice condition russet pony single breast collared harness used with 12 - 13 hand ponies SOLD